Teton Wellness Funds

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Teton Wellness Partners I

Seed Round Investor in CANVIVA

Teton Wellness
Partners II

Participating in $5 million Convertible Note Offered by CANVIVA.

Teton Equity Partners

Investing in Single Company Funds

Teton Equity Partners I
$1.5 million

Early Investor in Blinker Inc.
Convertible Note to Series B Preferred Stock

Teton Equity Partners II
$3.1 million

Major Investor in Blinker Inc.,
Series B Preferred Stock

Teton Equity Partners III
$3 million

Makes Teton Partners the 2nd Largest Investor in Blinker
Convertible Note to Series C Preferred Stock

Teton Equity Partners IV

Blinker 2019 Recapitalization

Private Placement
$6 mIllion

Blinker Recapitalization

As a lifelong professional athlete with many surgeries, broken bones, and a few concussions—Canviva CBD products are my preferred course of treatment for pain, insomnia, and everyday wellness regime.

Kevin OrieMajor League Baseball star with the Chicago Cubs and Florida Marlins
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